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Reaching the nations for Christ through education
Cindi's Hope 
Invest in the Kingdom with Us!

Cindi's Hope Academy
Educating Kids 


Cindi's Hope educates hundreds of kids, transforming lives one child at a time. CHA accepts kids from all nationalities. Won't you help us educate more children?

Building Cindi's Hope Academy schools


The vision from the Lord is 7 CHA campuses throughout Rwanda as well as build on our property in Kenya.  Won't you invest in the Kingdom with us?

Building a Church at each Cindi's Hope Academy


The Church offers each CH community a place to worship the Lord, host Bible studies and events. Won't you partner with us to disciple the nations?

Feeding the Cindi's Hope kids, staff and community


The reality is that this may be their only meal of the day.  Will you help us provide the nourishment needed?



Every person should receive a Bible and have the opportunity to know God.  Would you give the gift of the Living Word so others might know Him?

Cindi's Hope Academy student uniforms 


Our kids are growing just like yours!  Each student receives a uniform for CHA. Often they only have one other set of clothes.  Will you help us clothe our students for success?

Cindi's Hope Community Outreach


Cindi's Hope believes, teaches, and practices giving back to the community. Will you help us reach the least of these for Christ?

Clean Water


Most of the CH communities gather water from nearby ponds or lakes.  It is neither clean nor healthy but they use it anyways.  We can change that! Won't you partner with us to offer clean water?

2nd set of needs

Sewing Program


In an effort to help our CH ladies become self-sustaining, we have begun a Sewing Program in Rwanda also. Learning this skill will assist them in supporting their family as well as an opportunity for entrepreneurship. Will you help us provide training for these ladies?

 Abandoned & Widowed Women


So many women are struggling to survive.  At Cindi's Hope they are fed spiritually and physically and have the opportunity to work at CH to earn some money.  Will you put your love into action and help support these women?

Undernourished Babies


With a lack of food and proper nutrition, many children are malnourished.  In the CH program, Mamas learn life skills training, study the Word of God in addition to eating nutritious meals until their babies are thriving. Will you make a difference in someone's life?



CH youth come each Saturday to do AWANAs and work in the community. Learning, working, and earning! A bicycle helps fetch water, take home the harvest, or go to the farm. Will you help a youth to learn about Jesus and support his family?

3rd set of needs

Cindi's Hope Farm


The Cindi's Hope Farm in Mananja, Kenya is a bounty of fruit trees, vegetables, and aquaponics.  Will you give to continue our farm-to-table nourishment?

Cindi's Hope
Farm Animals


Chickens, pigs, fish, rabbits...oh my! Your donation towards a farm animal is the gift that keeps on giving! Want to give a farm animal?

Cindi's Hope 
Men's Bible Studies


The men and youth come to work, eat and study God’s Word. As one gentlemen testified, “I have been transformed by the Word of God so that I might transform others.” Change the man; change the family.  Will you partner with us?

Books by Dr. Cindi


EXCITING NEWS!!!! Dr. Cindi Mendoza has written a new devotional as well as books for children about how to follow the Holy Spirit. Yet another way you can support Cind's Hope and partner with us to reach the nations for Christ! Do you have yours?

4th set of needs
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