Tumi to the Rescue

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EXCITING NEWS!!!! Dr. Cindi Mendoza has written books for children about how to follow the Holy Spirit. Tumi to the Rescue, The Tempting Cupcakes is the first of many more Tumi books to come! The second book, Tumi to the Rescue, The Sudanese Orphan Escape, and Tumi to the Rescue, The Miraculous Ride are now available.  Yet another way you can support Cind's Hope and partner with us to reach the nations for Christ!

Tumi to the Rescue is written for readers for ages 6-10-year-old but wonderful for all ages! We would be honored if you would support Cindi's Hope by buying and sharing the first of many Tumi to the Rescue books.

"My kids listened intently! It was great!  Definitely not your typical children's story.  A very bold book of truth!  Thank you! " - Jenny