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Directors:  Cindi Murphy Mendoza, USA Director,   Mary Anyango, Kenyan Director



Below is a quick snapshot of the student’s academic progress.  The first year of Cindi’s Hope Academy had its own facility, we began tracking student academic progress. Cindi’s Hope students outperformed Kenyan public school after the first year of the Direct Instruction curriculum implementation. Direct Instruction is a model for teaching that emphasizes well-developed and carefully planned lessons designed around small learning increments and clearly defined and prescribed teaching tasks. It is based on the theory that clear instruction eliminating misinterpretations can greatly improve and accelerate learning. (  Cindi's Hope has received support from the Engelmann Foundation to ensure that all students succeed. (   Please keep in mind, all Cindi’s Hope students in Kenya fall within the following categories: abused, abandoned, neglected, orphaned and/or non-native English speakers.

2011 – 2015 Students Meeting Benchmark











Sustainability Initiatives

Our second location is in Eastern province, in the village of Mananja, Machakos County. Cindi’s Hope owns 22 acres and desires to build a school and rescue center on the property. Currently, on this farm, Cindi’s Hope initiated various projects to generate income and financially support the organization in its daily operations. These sustainability initiatives also created opportunities for the employment of community members in Mananja in areas such as:

  • Green House Vegetables

  • Fish Farming

  • Chicken – (Kienyeji)

  • Rabbits

2015 – First Fruits of Harvest 

After learning the Kenyan primary-school education curriculum at Cindi’s Hope Academy, 18 children sat for their exams between 2015 – 2017 to attend high school. The students secured positions in high schools from various parts of Kenya.

Sponsorship Opportunities

While the children are first rescued from their situations by the Kenyan government, they do not offer assistance or resources to Cindi’s Hope.  Sponsored or subsidized education is offered at the Cindi's Hope Primary schools.  Therefore funding must come from outside sources.  Help us provide much-needed food, clothing, and infrastructure for Cindi's Hope Academy.  We have set up several opportunities that make it easy for you to give. 




















Today and Beyond

Today, Cindi’s Hope provides a quality Christian education, nutritious meals, love, and encouragement to nearly 300 children in 2 different centers in Kenya.


Our first Primary School in Rwanda opened in January 2019 to 150 students. By January 2021, there will be 3 Cindi's Hope Academies with 150 students in each location bringing in new students each term.  Additionally, Cindi's Hope ministers to the community through various programs like the Mothers and Undernourished Babies and Youth program and Bible Studies for Men and Women.  Cindi’s Hope is active and growing in many different communities. Children, families, and entire communities are being transformed through continuing education and Christ’s love.