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Reaching the nations for Christ through education
For I was hungry, and you gave Me something to eat; I was thirsty, and you gave Me something to drink; I was a stranger, and you invited Me in. Matthew 25:35
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Cindi's Hope believes, teaches, and practices giving to the community.  Teachers, students, and even visitors participate in visiting people in the CH communities to pray, help, love, and feed those in need.  Oftentimes, it is their only meal. Your gift will provide food and support to those who may otherwise go without.  Together, we can be the hands of Jesus!



When the outbreak of Covid-19 occurred earlier in the year that was the beginning of an epic change in my life. There was fear of what the future holds for me and my family. There was no more traveling and getting enough income to feed my family has been a challenge with the government imposed lockdown. I have 4 children and myself summing up to 5 family members. Since the outbreak, we have been hardly affording a meal a day but with the support, we have received through Cindi’s hope we have managed to push ourselves forward by affording food and shelter. My prayer request is for God to bless the donors of Cindi’s Hope and protect them from the COVID- 19 Disease for them to continue helping the needy and vulnerable, for God to stop the suffering Covid-19 is causing around the world by giving us a cure, for my family not to starve, for my family not to be ousted out of our house because of lack of rent payment and finally for God to bring back things to normal that I may work harder to earn income for my family.

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