Rwanda Building Fund
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The current situation: 64:1 student/ teacher ratios, students can walk more than 5 Km to school.  There are simply not enough schools.  Cindi's Hope brings very low cost Christ-centered education to Rwanda!  At Cindi's Hope Academy, we utilize the model of Direct Instruction which has proven academic success ( The student/ teacher ratio is 12:1 with trained, competent, compassionate teachers.  Education is accessible!  Learning is happening!  Christ is proclaimed!    



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We are raising funds to build 7 schools over the next 5 years.  Included in the architect plans are classroom blocks, administrative building, kitchen and dining, restrooms, playground, and recreation areas as well as a Chapel.  Follow us on Facebook for updates! The first Cindi's Hope Academy opened in January 2019 to 150 students with a waiting list! The second campus opened in January 2021.  We already have students learning in a temporary location while we build a third location. We are growing and would love for you to partner with us in this vision the Lord has for Rwanda!

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Each school complete for $500,000


Three Kindergarten Blocks per school at a cost of $14,000 each.


One Chapel building per school at a cost of $200,000 each.


Classroom block ( 2 classrooms ).  Eight blocks per school for

a cost of $14,000 each.