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Reaching the nations for Christ through education
Clean Water

“Let anyone who is thirsty come to me and drink. For the Scriptures declare, ‘Rivers of living water will flow from the heart of anyone who believes in me.’” John 7:37-38


Most of us have clean water readily available...and don't even think about it. While we cannot even imagine living without clean water, this is the reality for so many in the world! 


Emmanuel, like most people in the Kayonza community in Rwanda, fetches water from a nearby spring.  The spring where Emmanuel draws water from serves a large community and is located approximately 4km from his home. Since Emmanuel attends school, he fetches water early in the morning and late in the evening after school. Every trip takes him about 2 hours, a total of 4 hours every day. There is always a crowd of people obtaining water from this particular source, especially in dry seasons. While the water is not safe for drinking, they use it anyway.  WE CAN CHANGE THAT!

When the Cindi's Hope teachers saw Emmanuel gathering mud water from the street, they brought Emmanuel to Cindi's Hope Kayonza to collect one jerrican of clean drinking water.  Just imagine if the Kayonza community were able to drink clean water!  At each campus, we drill a borehole.  A solar pump brings it out in quantity!  

Would you drink from this water?

The plan is for each CHA to have its own borehole and pump.  The campuses will not only be sustained by rainwater drain off captured in large tanks, but the boreholes will provide clean water. We are installing a water kiosk to offer clean water to the CH communities for the same amount they currently purchase dirty pond water.  People will be able to come to the campus instead of traveling many kilometers to fetch pond or lake water.  

WE NEED YOU!  Your gift towards a borehole or pump provides the kids, staff, and communities of Cindi's Hope with clean water to drink, wash, and cook.  Let's make a difference in the lives of people today!

One drilled borehole $25,000

One electric pump $8,000

7 CHA campuses!

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