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Reaching the nations for Christ through education
Cindi's Hope
Men's Bible Studies

It is written, Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God. Matthew 4:4


John is a genocide survivor. How he survived the genocide is still a miracle to him. Though they live a simple life in a house made of mud bricks, he is grateful and happy that he is alive and each passing day gets better.


John joined Cindi’s Hope men’s program in 2020 during the covid-19 lockdowns to study the Bible. He has been a regular visitor of the school and attends Bible studies without fail.


John has gained a lot from the Cindi’s Hope community. He says from the Bible studies he has learned to live a life that will leave a lasting legacy. He says he used to feel like he no longer had a purpose for his life but now, he feels renewed and corrects all the wrong perceptions he has had previously in life.  He particularly enjoys sharing meals with fellow men and singing songs of praise to God. The act of sharing together has developed his social and spiritual wellbeing greatly. He has learned that his family should be led by the Word of God and he should work hard so that he can leave a lasting legacy for his family and for the generations to come. 

His wife, Elizabeth, after much consideration, decided to follow her husband and now she is enrolled in Cindi’s Hope women’s Bible study program. She says she was convinced that what was going on at CH was life-changing after observing her husband’s change of behavior and attitude towards life for the better.

Both are happy and grateful to Cindi's Hope donors, teachers, and staff for bringing hope home. They look forward to more Bible study sessions in the future and they wish to guide young generations to live lives that would be impactful in a positive way.

John's Testimony

Your gift towards the Men's Bibles study enables us to teach, disciple, and feed more men. The men and youth come to work and eat in addition to studying God’s Word. As one gentleman testified, “I have been transformed by the Word of God so that I might transform others.”

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